Supercharge your business with MailChimp

Workshop Duration: 2.5 Hour
Start: 7.15pm (sharp), end at 9.45pm

Are you a business owner who have tried Email Marketing for your business previously, and do not know how to measure and get sales from your Email Marketing efforts?

Maybe you are a business owner who have not tried Email Marketing before, but have
TONS of potential clients or customers email database that you can potentially reach out to.

You are curious on how you can use Email Marketing effectively for your business.

You want to start using Email Marketing but do not know how and where to start.

You are wondering how much does it cost to use Email Marketing for your business.

Well, the good news is that Email Marketing on MailChimp is FREE for your first 2,000 subscribers / emails.

In this workshop, our trainer will share with you tips and tricks to Email Marketing, with proven case studies and workflows, on how to make Email Marketing work for you with MailChimp.

Learn about what this amazing software has to offer! What's more, you can start implementing the tips you have learned in the workshop immediately with MailChimp, as it is FREE for your first 2,000 subscribers!

Our workshop will cover the basics of Email Marketing with MailChimp.

The workshop will allow participants to understand three main points in Email Marketing:
• How to use MailChimp effectively for your Email Marketing efforts in your business!
How to build your email list (the right way) to get better qualified leads and results!
• How to automate list building for FREE!

This course will benefit sales professionals like financial advisors, property agents, business owners, marketing executives managing your company's Email Marketing efforts.

Workshop Overview:

1. Introduction to Email Marketing (30 min)
• What is Email Marketing
• Why is Email Marketing an effective marketing tool?
• Workflows to Email Marketing
• The Buyer's Journey
• What content should we include in Email Marketing

Getting started with MailChimp (25 min)
• What's inside MailChimp?
• What can MailChimp do for your business?
• Terminology: Campaigns, Templates, Lists, Reports
• MailChimp's interface and functionality

3. Email Campaign:
How to use MailChimp Effectively (35 to 40 min)
Managing subscriber lists (one by one / mass import)
• Creating an email template in MailChimp
• Sending your first email marketing campaign with MailChimp

4. Rule of thumb in Email Marketing (15 min)
• A/B Testing
• Reports Module

5. How to SUPERCHARGE your business with MailChimp
(15 min)
• A simple tip in MailChimp to increase the open rates in your Email Marketing efforts
• 5 ways to optimise your email campaigns for better results
• 7 simple ways to grow your email list

Question and Answer Time (15 min)

Who is this workshop for?
• Marketing Executives (Employees in charge of your company's Email Marketing efforts to Clients / Customers)
• Digital Marketing Executives
• Startups and Business Owners
• Financial Advisers
• Property Agents
• People who want to build their own email list

What you'll need to bring to class:
• A notebook to take notes
• Pens for note taking

About the Trainer
Charmaine has been delivering successful campaigns for her clients under her very own Startup for the past 7 years. As she meets many business owners over the years, she realises the importance of sharing and equipping her clients with internet marketing knowledge so that her Clients could see results in their internet marketing efforts in the long run.

With many FREE digital marketing tools these days, if paired with marketing techniques and knowledge will effectively the Internet Marketing efforts of businesses today.

She hopes to share these knowledge with participants and business owners to help them improve on their Online and Internet Marketing efforts for their business.

This 2.5 Hour "MailChimp for Businesses" workshop will give you an overview of what Email Marketing is all about, why it is still effective for many businesses today, how to build your email list the right way, and most importantly, nurturing these leads to become not only your customers, but your repeat customers.

The workshop will not only aid business owners to understand about digital marketing in a more holistic manner, it teaches Business Owners on how to track their online marketing efforts, strategise on their marketing campaigns, identify and make tweaks immediately so as to supercharge their businesses with FREE digital marketing tools like MailChimp.

Here are some tips if you are already doing Email Marketing. Less is more, visually appealing graphics perform 4X better in digital marketing. Lastly, always have a CLEAR call-to-action (objective) in any marketing material online or offline.

Here's a FREE Ebook on "Why is Email Marketing an effective digital marketing tool for businesses?" Download here: http://eepurl.com/cnoI0L

More of Sky Digital Agency Workshops: www.skydigitalagency.com/workshops

1. Who can i contact should i have questions?
You can contact us via e-mail workshops@skycrm.asia (Respond within 24~48 hours)
Or you may call us at 6679 5782 between 9am to 6pm

2. Is my registration/ticket transferrable or refundable?
Yes, all tickets are transferrable.
You will need to notify us 3 working days before the start of the event at workshops@skycrm.asia

Ticket(s) are fully refundable if the request for refund is made at least 2 weeks before the start of the event.

3. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
You can print the ticket or show the ticket via your Mobile Phone.

4. Is there a minimum class size to proceed?
Yes. We require a minimum class size of 6 people to proceed with the class.
In the event that there is insufficient participants, we reserve the right to reschedule the class or provide a full refund.

5. When will i receive the certificate for the course?
Upon completion of the workshop, our trainer will collect your address details for the certificates to be mailed to your home/office address within 7 working days from the completion of the workshop.

6. What are my transport options getting to the event?

261 Waterloo Street #04-37 Singapore 180261

Nearest MRT Station(s):
Bras Basar (Circle Line) - 1 to 2 mins walk
Bugis Station (Green Line) - 10 to 12 mins walk

For drivers, parking is available in the building's basement.

The confirmation of the training location's classroom unit number will be confirmed 3~5 working days in advance, depending on the sign ups, so do look our for your E-mail/SMS notification!

Here's a photo of the classroom we will be conducting the workshop at!

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Tue Nov 29, 2016
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